Light Weight, Perfect Performance





Frame free and all-weather for outdoor environment

C15 is a transparent outdoor fixed LED display, applies for exterior walls of buildings, landscapes, stadiums, bulletin boards & etc.







Super Light, Saving Cost

Aluminum profile, only 6.8kg/panel, 18kg/m2, 80mm thick, over 60% lighter and 50% thinner than the traditional product, lowering bearing requirement significant and making installation and uninstallation; 18% Penetration rate, good for reducing wind resistance and cooling the screen.








Front & Rear Installation and Maintenance Available

Front & Rear installation and maintenance available, saving space; 6 in 1 sub-frame optional, makes installation simple







Frame Free and All-weather for Outdoor Environment

IP rating IP65, frame free for outdoor environment which eliminates the cost of structure; Functional at -20℃-50℃, no additional A/C required, saving installation and operation costs.

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