Indoor Ultra Light Weight


Curve Installation

Concave and convex radian design, -5, 0, +5, +10 degree curve installation (only D3).



Perfect Details Design

At the bottom of module add the hidden heat radiation hole, the heat radiation is uniform, and the color consistency is better. The cabinet corner is after chamfering, protect the user from accidental damage.



High Smoothness

CNC high-precision die-casting aluminium cabinets. Add index plunger for better screen smoothness. Screws fixed the module‘s mask, better moothness and can be reusable.




Friendly Maintenance

Fast installation: Absen patent locking system, saving your time and labour. Friendly maintenance: modular rear servcing, with magnent structure, easy to servce from rear, 5 seconds to take place one module.



Two Different Sizes, More Options

D3/D4 and D3L/D4L two different cabinet sizes, seamless and mixed installation. Meeting different flexible connections, make your stage alive.




Perfect Display Performance

High refresh rate over 1920Hz, with professional camera, still keep high quality display performance, no any water waves or screen flashings, totally meet the live show requirements.