N Series

Flexible, Smart, Light





Creative Flat TV design

Light and slim, makes installation easy and saves space.






Front & Rear Maintenance

Without space on the back required for both installation and maintenance, which saves space.







Intelligent monitoring, real time feedback

Monitor without card, fewer cables and fault points. •Real-time monitor work status, immediately email when malfunction, which reduces response time and cost for troubleshooting. •Monitoring via PC, Tablet, Mobile phone are available. (N3,N4,N4D,N5)





A3C, Great Visual Feast

Absen 3rd generation calibration, better image. •Data are stored inside module, which makes calibration easy while switching.modules.





Convenient and Reliable

    • Star connection for power and signals, which minimizes damage. •External test button, convenient for inspection.







Sub-frame, fast installation

4 in 1 sub-frame / panel installation bar, makes installation fast.





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