Advanced Technology, Smart Monitoring




Light, Thin, Convenient

Panel thickness: 106mm. Saves installation space, Panel weight: 21kg. Easy delivery and installation.





Advanced Technology – Smart Monitoring

No need for monitoring cards! Can monitor the display’s operation status. Simple and error free. Real -time monitoring of the sending card, receiving card, module signal, temperature, and voltage. Connects with PC, tablets & iPads, and smartphones to monitor dusplays remotely.





Smart Module , Master Record

XD10 smart module display the ID number, order number, production date, working time, module current, color oordinates, module voltage and module temperature.






Front and Rear Servicing





Waterproof Module

Fully enclosed structure with rubber gasket and waterproof module seals off the electronic components from moisture; Only 4 PCS screws allow for easy installation and disassembly.






External Test Button



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